Monday, 29 August 2011

Why do People Lie...?

"It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.”

Lately I've been constantly asking myself the same question and the number one concern I have about human beings... Why do people lie????

The bible says in John 8:32, "The truth will set you free". I quite frankly totally agree with that and I learnt it the hard way, but I can firmly say that I am glad I eventually learn this concept. I won't be a hypocrite and say that I completely don't do it, because then I'd be lying, but I can honestly say that I try my hardest not to do it. When you try your hardest to achieve something, things always work out. And yes, lies disgust me that much!

See people try to beautify things or make them seem better by using excuses such as: "I lied to protect you" or "You'd be hurt if you knew the truth", and the most infamous one "If he/she doesn't know about it, it isn't a lie", gosh I hate that one because at the end of the day YOU ARE STILL LYING!

 How do you sleep at night when you lie? Don't you worry about the consequences? Don't you worry about the fact the person might find out about and it probably will hurt them even more then? Don't you think that instead of trying "to protect" the person, you probably could be working on making things better at the moment?
How do you think? What do you think? Who do you think you are to lie to that person? 

By postponing the truth or omitting the truth, what makes you think that you're making things any better Instead you're just digging a deeper hole for yourself in the situation and spiritually too, because i guarantee you that you do not go to bed at night with a clean conscious! And if you say you do, you're either LYING or you're just pure EVIL!

If you think, about it while you're busy thinking that you're caring for the person involved in this lie, you're actually not. You're just being plain selfish because YOU are trying to get away with whatever connivery you're involved in and at the end of the day you're the one that will be better off if you get away with the lie you told. You try to make yourself feel better by saying that you're doing it to protect someone, or not to hurt them bla bla, meanwhile at the end of the day it's all about you!
And this just brings me to my all time conclusion to all human behavior, which is that HUMANS ARE SELFISH! Therefore humans lie because they are SELFISH.

There's that concept that if you want to be happy you have to be selfish. I agree with it too, but I just think that human beings just take it to a whole new level. Being selfish doesn't mean stepping on other people's feelings and letting them be worse off than u. Being selfish means that you never put anyone (other than God) before yourself and that you don't do things to please anyone else but yourself. But if you think you're pleasing yourself by lying to people, then am sorry to burst your bubble but that happiness you're feeling is also nothing but a lie.

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  1. this is beautful hey...really like the back ground. dopeness.