Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Complexity of Interest

Liking someone has got to be the most draining and horrible thing a human being can go through. And i’m not only talking about a situation when the feeling isn’t mutual.
From my point of view, when you like someone you have to go through so much change. It feels like a whole long ass time-consuming process...  
It feels like you have to hold in your emotions . You can never really express how you truly feel because it might either be too forward or too soon. There’s never a right time for anything. As a matter of fact, never mind a right time,  there is never A TIME to say anything because both human beings are too caught up in the heat and excitement of things, that they never stop to think if in fact that is what they really want and if it’s wise to go through with whatever they are doing. And at the end of the day after all is said and done, one soul always ends up getting hurt...

And then there is the part where you have to compromise, because if you really want something to work out properly, YOU HAVE TO COMPROMISE. Not everybody is the same. People have different habits, different ways of acting and different ways of looking at things or situations. So you have to make sure both of you don’t clash, and in order for that to happen you have to compromise.
Compromising means: a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions; letting your guard down at times; leaving your pride aside whenever you have; making yourself vulnerable whenever you have to; sometimes willing to do certain things, you would not want to do, whenever you have to... That is A PROCESS!

If you ever stop to think about things properly, whenever there are feelings involved, either one of the human beings involved WILL for a fact get hurt. No matter how this happens, ONE soul is guaranteed to get hurt.
I just can’t understand why can’t shit just be simple?
I want you. You want me. Let’s cut to the chase and let’s stay together. No funny games, no lies, no trying to act hard. Just plain straight forward, let’s date and do this together till infinity. Just think before you approach each other, know what’s on the plate, be sure of  what you want and at the end of the day, no one gets hurt.
You want me. I don’t want you. Fine, it’s not happening. It ain’t gonna work. We both make that clear. You don’t chase after me because you know I don’t want you, and I just do my own thing because I also know that I don’t want you. No funny games, no lies and no bullshitting. We both move on and we’ll both be happy.
I want you. You don’t want me. Fine. No funny games, no lies and no bullshitting. I get sad, I move on. You do your own thing and we both end up being happy.

It’s SIMPLE like that! It could all be so simple...

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