Saturday, 19 November 2011

Longing, Belief, Hope, Faith and Love...

Sometimes I cry... I cry to let everything out.
Everything that is bottled up inside me.
Everything I am not allowed to say, feel or show...
Sometimes I miss you.
Sometimes I want to talk to you.
Hold you. Touch you. Feel you. Kiss you.
Sometimes it is you I dream of.
Think of. Long to be with... But I can't.

You now belong to someone else. You are someone else’s dream.
You are in someone else’s thoughts.
You hold someone else. You feel someone else...
You kiss someone else.

And I am crushed, deeply crushed.
But all I can I do is pray. Pray that you are happy.
Pray that she treats you right.
Pray that she treats you better than I could have ever treated you.
Pray that she loves you...

But I also secretly pray...
Pray that one day our destinies will cross and we will never part again.  
I pray because I believe.
I pray because I have faith.
I pray because I have hope.
Hope that never dies, just like my love for you never will...

By: Andréa André (19 May 2011)

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